Who We Are

Whether you’re a new client or you’ve been coming to our veterinary hospital for years, we’re so grateful to have you as part of our family! Lakeside Veterinary Center is a place where you and your companion can always expect to feel welcome. We treat every client with respect and every patient with dignity and a gentle approach, while fostering the human-animal bond. Our doctors and support staff all share the same mission of treating pets like the beloved family members they are, and providing hands-on, high-quality care.

Lakeside Veterinary Center was established by Dr. Jeff Rhody in 1988 about half a mile from our current location, but to better accommodate our patients, we relocated to Cherry Lane in 2001. We now offer more than a dozen comprehensive services in-house, and if there’s something we can’t help with, we’ll direct you to someone who can. Our facility is equipped with a well-stocked pharmacy, surgery suite, imaging capabilities and a closely supervised hospitalization area. Call us today at (301) 498-8387 to make an appointment today.

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Our Philosophy

We understand that there’s no “one-size-fits all” approach when it comes to treating a pet. That’s why our doctors practice diagnosis-based medicine, which means they try to form a diagnosis prior to treating an illness. For some pets, this could involve just having a conversation with the owner about symptoms and conducting a physical exam. For other pets, it could involve drawing blood or performing an X-ray or ultrasound exam. Of course, we’ll recommend the best course of action, explain the costs involved, and work with you to find an acceptable plan. No matter what path we follow, the medical care of your companion is a team effort. Our advice and care are guided by your input and ability to care for your pet at home. Together, we’ll work toward the best result possible.

Community Involvement

As a practice, we extend our services to the community to further our goal of helping more pets down the road to wellness, and to educate people about proper care for their pets. The following is a list of some of the programs and organizations with which we’re involved:

  • Career days
  • Vet for a Day programs
  • Mentoring/externships for veterinary assistants
  • Guide dog foundation veterinarian for prospective guide dogs
  • Supporters of Fidos for Freedom (an assistance dog organization)
  • Frequent donor to pet-related charities

If you’d like to learn more about our community involvement, or if you have any questions about our veterinary hospital, feel free to give us a call at (301) 498-8387.

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— Mark Twain