Your Columbia Veterinarian

Your pet deserves specialized care. Whether they are a cat, dog, rabbit, bird, or reptile, each species, and even breed, demands a unique brand of veterinary care. At Lakeside Veterinary Center, our Columbia veterinarian is one of the only vets in the area, and indeed, all of Maryland, who provide specialized care to exotic pets. Additionally, our traditional pet services are highly advanced, including teeth cleaning, which is an essential part of your pet’s well-being. To make an appointment, give us a call at (301) 498-8387.

Specialist Care for Your Exotic Companion

Your exotic pet is a special member of the family, too, just as much as your cat or dog, and they deserve specialized care! Our veterinarian, Dr. Rhody, is an ABVP board-certified specialist in small exotic mammal medicine and surgeries—in fact, he’s the only one in Maryland! He provides exotic pets with many of the services you can expect for your cat or dog. Your pet can benefit from advanced surgeries with multimodal pain relief and tailored anesthetic protocols that suit your pet’s size and species. Your pet will receive the same loving care that you’d offer at home! Call our Columbia animal hospital today at (301) 498-8387 for more information about our exotic pet care services.

Advanced Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

Does your cat or dog have bad breath? It certainly isn’t just “dog breath!” Bad breath could be a sign of dental disease, an illness that is so prevalent, more than half of dogs and cats have some form of it by the time they are three years old. You can entirely prevent this disease from affecting your pet with proper pet dental care. We highly recommend annual wellness exams, where we can perform an oral assessment. If we discover significant plaque and tart buildup, you can schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning to ensure your pet’s mouth maintains it’s healthy white gleam. Without proper prevention and treatment, dental disease can advance to cause painful, bleeding gums, broken teeth, and even kidney, heart, or liver disease. Don’t wait for it to go too far! Schedule a dental exam with our veterinarian! Columbia isn’t far from our hospital—trust us, it’s worth the trip!