Pet Exams in Laurel

At Lakeside Veterinary Center in Laurel, we recommend annual pet exams and with good reason. A standard routine checkup allows us to determine if your pet is exhibiting any unusual health changes. Early detection improves the chances of preventing or delaying the onset and progression of disease in your pet. That’s why our main focus is preemptive care—the prevention of health issues from ever developing into major illnesses. We also place a strong emphasis on proper nutrition, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and parasite prevention. Call us at (301) 498-8387 to make an appointment today!

About the Wellness Exam

The annual wellness visit is one of the most important visits your pet will make to our hospital. During their exam, your veterinarian will thoroughly examine them for any signs of disease, illness, or injury. Many diseases that develop with age can be hard to detect; you may not even notice signs of disease for months, or even years! Our veterinary staff at Lakeside is trained to look for and identify these signs. With early detection and treatment, your pet can return to living their life in comfort.

During the comprehensive physical exam, we assess the following:

  • Skin and coat
  • Body condition and weight
  • Eyes and ears
  • Muscles, bones, joints
  • Mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Urinary and reproductive systems
  • Cardiovascular system
vet holding a kitten

If we detect any potential signs of disease or an infection caused by allergies, we will discuss treatment options with you and offer recommendations.

vet holding a puppy

Senior Pet Exams

Cats and dogs become seniors at around 7 years of age. Like us our pets become more susceptible to illness and injury as they get older, and need more frequent care from their veterinarian to stay healthy. We recommend bringing in your senior pet every 6 months for a wellness exam and every 6-12 months for routine diagnostics and imaging, which may include blood work, urinalysis, and X-rays.

Be sure to ask your veterinarian any questions you have about keeping your pet healthy and comfortable in their advanced years, and how to accommodate changes in activity and mobility. If your pet is experiencing aches and pains due to inflamed joints, we can offer medication, supplements, or laser therapy to increase their comfort. Our goal is to keep your pet in the best possible health so they can age gracefully and enjoy their golden years.

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— Irene M. Pepperberg