Pet Exams for Dogs and Cats

Here at Lakeside Veterinary Center, we recommend annual wellness exams for your canine and feline companions, and with good reason. A simple routine checkup allows us to determine if your pet’s health needs special attention. Early detection increases the chances of preventing or delaying the onset and progression of disease in your pet. That’s why our main focus is preemptive care—the prevention of health issues from ever developing into major illnesses. We also place a strong emphasis on the importance of wellness exams, proper nutrition, vaccines, and dental care.

About the Wellness Exam

The annual wellness visit is the most important trip your cat or dog will make to our facility. During your pet’s exam here in Laurel, our doctors thoroughly examine him for any signs of disease, illness, or injury. Many diseases that appear with age are hard to detect; you may not even notice signs of disease for months or even years! The veterinary staff at Lakeside is trained to look for these signs. With early detection and treatment, your pet will be back to his old loving self in no time!

During your pet’s comprehensive physical exam, we will assess:

  • Skin and coat
  • Body condition and weight
  • Eyes and ears
  • Mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Urinary and reproductive systems
  • Cardiovascular system
Pet Exams in Laurel

If any potential signs of disease are detected, or any other reasons for concern, we will discuss treatment options with you and provide recommendations.

Pet Exams in Laurel

Pet Vaccinations

Along with wellness exams, it’s important that your pet receive appropriate vaccines. Exams and vaccinations are key components in preventive care for your cat or dog, so be sure to keep current with both of them! Pet vaccines provide irreplaceable protection against potentially serious diseases and viruses, including:

  • Rabies (dogs, cats, and ferrets)
  • Distemper and upper respiratory viruses (cats)
  • Distemper, canine hepatitis, and parvovirus (dogs)
  • Feline leukemia (outdoor cats)
  • Lyme disease (dogs)
  • Leptospirosis (dogs)
  • Kennel cough (dogs that board, go to dog parks, or are exposed to dogs they don’t live with)
  • Canine flu (dogs that board)

Senior Pet Care

If your dog or cat is over 7 years of age, they have officially entered their senior years. Like us, our pets become more susceptible to illness and injury as they get older, and need more frequent care from their veterinarian to stay healthy. At Lakeside Veterinary Center, we recommend bringing in your senior pet every 6 months for a wellness check and routine diagnostics, which may include blood work, urinalysis, and chest X-rays to detect underlying health issues. We encourage you to ask your veterinarian any questions you might have about caring for your pet in their advanced years, and how to accommodate changes in activity and mobility. If your pet is experiencing aches and pains due to inflamed joints, we can offer medication, supplements, or even laser therapy to increase their comfort. Our goal is to keep your pet in the best possible health so they can age gracefully and comfortably.

Bivalent Canine Influenza Vaccine

Due to the recent canine influenza outbreak, we’re now offering a bivalent CIV vaccine to protect pets from both the H3N2 and H3N8 strains of the canine influenza virus. This vaccine is just as effective, and requires only one sequential booster 3 weeks after the initial injection.

Canine influenza is a highly contagious virus with symptoms that include discharge from the eyes and nose, coughing, and an elevated temperature. Canine flu can survive on surfaces for up to 48 hours. To schedule your pet for the bivalent CIV vaccine or have them treated, contact our office as soon as possible.

If your pet is due for a checkup, please call and schedule an appointment with Lakeside Veterinary Center. We provide convenient pet exams and vaccinations, making it easy not just for your pet, but for you too.

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